Levels & Certificates



Every lesson you will work on developing skills.  These are always a mixture of practical skills, knowledge skills or technical skills.   For each skill you work on there is a sticker that can go in your book.  When you have mastered a set of skills your teacher will also award you a sticker on your skills log.


There are 6 levels that can be achieved in Ukulele Kids.  Each level contains specific skills that are covered and reinforced over a number of lessons.  When you have completed all the skills in a level your skills log will be complete and you will be ready to move onto the next level.


Once you have achieved all the skills in a level you will be awarded a Ukulele Kids Certificate. This will be signed by your teacher and have a special sticker on it.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 18.12.10





Note –

If you miss a lesson don’t worry,  skills are built up over a period of time, and are usually reinforced for a period of weeks, so if you miss something you will have an opportunity to catch up the next week – especially if you practice at home.